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Sane Friends

Cheap Thrills

I'm always amazed at how cheap people can be. Since I'm in the same hallway as a massage therapist, who's rarely here, I have many people wandering into my office. Now that I have massage therapists in the office it can work to my advantage. I had guy limp in here a while ago looking for a massage. He asked how much and I told them it was $50 for an hour which is pretty good for this city. He started complaining about how much it was then offered me $35. He grumbled and made a face when I told him no. Oh well. I should have asked if he wanted the chiropractic for $45. Or maybe offered him a miserable ending for the $35.
Due to severe thunderstorms in the area last night L and I had to cancel our hike. Hopefully we can reschedule over the weekend. If not I may do it myself.
While Punk girl was a bit chatty it was extra sound in the suite. Now with her gone, I'm back to being by myself. The quietness can be deafening.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I am so glad that I am out of retail and don't have to deal with the general public anymore. Having worked in restaurants and car rental, I understand your pain.

You should've "accidentally" kicked that man in the manberries.


Hi Mike,
Sheesh ... someone was trying to barter with you?!? Where did he think he was, the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul?

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