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The Drunk Family Christmas Special

In 3 years of going to the Funny Bone comedy club this was the first time I was disappointed in an act. I don't mean little either. If I wasn't hosting the singles group I would have walked out. We saw John Morgan the Ragin' Cajun. I could have done without all the screaming at the top of his lungs with a microphone. I could have done without all the Baptist revival stuff (hey I want comedy not go to church). I could have done without the shots of Tequila. What truly got me was that most of his act is talking about physically kicking the shit out of your kids. Forget if you make a comment or don't agree when he asks you a question. Angry drunks aren't good that way. He ripped apart many people in the audience tonight. I'm saying a good 5 minute rip apart. I never saw the manager come out that many times. For some reason he woke is 8 year old boy to come on the stage with him and do some more cursing offensive jokes. I tell you I come from an alcoholic family and the show put chills up and down my spine.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Its been sometime since I stopped.I think you should ban that Alcoholic child abusing drunk from attending anyomore of your singles nite.Tell him sober up then come back.Stop by and let me know how it goes


That must've been bad. Nothing more annoying than comics that are angry and not funny.

You do realize that you can see drunk Santa's nutsack in the picture you posted. Not the imagery I was looking for.

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