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I tell you I didn't see it coming. I did expect it months ago though, but after awhile I thought I was scott free. Last November some jerk tried to zoom past me as I was backing out of my parking spot. We scraped and he was in a Mercedes. Like I said when nothing happened after 3-4 months I thought okay we're good here. Holy shit my bill just doubled. I remember my friend telling me that what happens if it wasn't your fault to 4-5 times if it was. Collision repair is just that costly now.

I knew my first patient of the day was going to reschedule and he did. I'm hoping he'll call back like he said he would, but I'm not holding my breath.

I have this funny feeling that my ex is returning to some of her old habits since she never responded to my texts about her dad. She did have Eric tell me. The longest I've ever seen her hold it together is 1 year and believe me it wasn't pretty then. So this has been 7 months and we'll see what the fall out is.

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Sorry to hear that. I was in a collision two years ago, and my insurance doubled. It's been over two years and the whole premium only went down $12.

I was told that the premium would go down each year after each year, that is obviously not happening.

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