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Sane Friends

Family Visit Part 2

Well it was another possible record day, but it was torpedoed pretty quickly. While collections did suck this week at least I'm going into next week with a record high so I need to keep this momentum going.
I'm beat today. I had dinner with my brother and family last night and then we hung out on the beach for a while. By the time I got home it took a while for me to whine down to sleep. It was day camp at the house when I left this morning. Inverse's daughter stayed the night and Single's son and brother came by early in the morning.
With my change in schedule I've had too many hours waiting around here for my patient appreciation tonight. My new patient today was the first person to get one of my gift bags filled with coupons and gift cards from local businesses. She really liked it so it should be a good thing.
I tell you it's so very funny. My beach hiking pictures are big news on Facebook. I hardly have to say anything to have long conversations happening.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

What a great and wonderful looking family you have! That is so wonderful that you get to spend so much time with them!

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