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Sane Friends

Lazy Weekend

Well I never made it to the gym Saturday or Sunday. After having visitors here for 3 out of the last 4 weeks I was tired. I napped Saturday afternoon after running some errands. Then I spent some time finishing up my dragon poster. There was only 1 piece missing. My landlord, I think, had fallen in love with this picture. He wanted it and fashioned a fill in piece to finish off the puzzle. Hey whatever makes him happy. For me I started another puzzle on Robin Hood.

After being mostly physical at work during the week, it's nice to come home to work my mind out with reading or a puzzle. This weekend I just rested physically. I slept in and felt great.

The one thing I did do this weekend which I don't normally do is look at men's magazines. Not the adult type, but the fashion. It's funny I know a lot about women's stuff, but have no clue about men's fashion. I always hear women say they look at them to see how men think. ROFLMAO!!! I don't think so. Like Cosmo and the others they are trying to impose a lifestyle on you to sell stuff. Anyway I got a few ideas about mixing and matching that I wouldn't have thought of. The biggest thing they really need to do is get straight guys to model the clothes.

SSsssshhhh. Don't tell anyone. I could see 7 people today finally and break a record.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Figure out men from a fashion magazine? Errr, okaay. I'm with you, not a hope...


I take pics out of mags and show my men friends what they should buy....wear...Some of them ask me to shop for them. So I get the money and off I go.

I just bought a whole new wardrobe for PhxMan on $100! ALL name brand stuff!

Be kind to yourself, sleep in take some ME time.


If I run across a mens fashion magazine, I only look at it to look at the men:) If they started discussin the types of guys I run into, then maybe I could take the articles more seriously than the eye candy.

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