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Sane Friends

Sorry Rabbit

Silly me, I thought I could call the IRS, wait on hold for 15 minutes, and find out what's going on with my Mom's stimulus check she was suppose to get last year. However I was informed that I couldn't do that since there were forms involved. They wanted me to mail them in, but I kept pushing for a fax number so I could move this up from weeks to days.

Went to see Wolverine with the singles last night. I would think it would be a fan boy movie, but there was a lot of women there. In our group it was just Server guy, myself, and 5 women. Seeing Hugh Jackman either flexing his muscles or running around bare ass naked I found out why all the women were paying their dollar to see.

My brother and family are in town. Since I'm hiking with L tonight I'll see them afterwards and we'll do dinner tomorrow night. I see that German girl is still trying to fix me up with one her friends. She's putting their pictures up on her MySpace page so I can check them out. I feel like I'm ordering a mail order bride. She admits that she enjoys the crazy stories too.

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I don't like it when my friends try to fix me up. They usually have no clue of what I go for.

I hope that these women you are being fixed up with are not crazy. If they are, I hope you get some good sex out of it. They say that the crazies have the best skills.


Hugh Jackman flexing his muscles or running around bare ass naked??? Damn, where is this movie playing again????


Hi Mike,
Arrrrgh ... I know what you mean about being on hold with the IRS. I just discovered this week that my accountant made a mistake on my 2007 return, meaning I owe them some more money. The accountant pays the penalty fee plus interest, but I have to fork over the rest.

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