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I'm a pretty open person as you probably already know. However as the Dancer situation was coming to a close I made my Facebook profile private and eyes only to my friends. She was pretty obsessed with me and her having any connection to me would only keep the fires going. Anyway tonight I got 2 request from friends from when I was married. They were actually the 2 people that got my ex and myself together. The wife was a friend of my ex and I knew the husband. I never really enjoyed there company. So I was happy I was already private when I got there requests. I know the wife is a very nosey body and her husband just goes along with what he's told. Another one of those married friends had sent me an email just asking how I was many moons ago. I responded with a quick response once I knew who it was.

I find it funny sometimes how I'm very trusting with most people, but once that is gone forget about it. That's where I stand with these people. They're my ex's friends. I have no want to have contact with them. I didn't really want to have the contact when I was married, forget it now.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Yeah, the good thing about being divorced is that you no longer have to deal with her friends you never liked.

I'm sorry you don't like my manslations :( Don't you know that your other blog was a part of the inspiration ?


I so totally understand. I cut ties with all my ex husband's friends as well.

Facebook is great but it's weird as well. I received a friend request from an ex best friend. I didn't know whether to accept or decline. I have no desire to be her friend anymore as she slept with an ex boyfriend. I decided to friend her but I never talk to her. oh well.

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