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Sane Friends

Then there were two

I really thought I had it in the bag, a record day. My last patients were a couple that always come in together. What happened? Only one came in. WTF? Victory was stolen out of my grasp again.

Well it's just me and the landlord again. Our latest roomie moved out this morning. His job took him up to the peninsula and there is no reason for him to be down here. So with 2 rooms now open we could have weird and wild stories again in the house. It's so true. We had a guy and there wasn't anything to talk about. We get a woman in there and I could start a blog.

I did something yesterday that I will never do again. I went to the gym after 5 at night. Holy shit!!! I had a 3' x 3' square to work out in. There was so many people, it was like sardines in a can. The only good thing it isn't the senior crowd that I'm use to in the morning.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Yeah, people who can't get out of work all day probably like to come into the gym right after. That or the pool:) Or, I suppose, if they swim in the ocean........ but a gym has a different mindset than a swim in the ocean, I'd think.
Well, I'm sure you'll never fully run out of material, Mike. Not as long as you're alive, anyway, and you'll notice and blog about it as long as you can type or have a computer you can speak into :)

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