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Summer Cleaning

Well since last week's relax and do nothing weekend was so much fun I decided to do it again this weekend. I have more energy this time around so it's not as much fun, but since it's in the 90's here, being indoors is pretty nice.

After running some errands around town I'm back home doing some laundry and summer cleaning. With game night I buy a lot of games at the thrift stores. Most of them have worked out, but not all of them so I'm getting the dead beats ready for a return trip. Also I've gone through my clothes to see what I want to get rid of since I never wear them. It wasn't much, but I did find a bunch of pants that I haven't worn in a while. The funnest thing is that I'm not a big water person anymore. It seems the older I get the less swimming in the water calls me. However I have a whole bunch of bathing suits. WTF? Where did these all come from? I know they're from when I was married, but why so many. Couldn't I ever find them? We didn't go to the water that much.

I gave up on my puzzle jigsaw puzzle. Not having a picture to go on, having every piece fit every other piece, and having to match colors when you're color blind was becoming way too frustrating for me. So I switched to a smaller puzzle to calm my nerves. The old puzzle is now on the pile going back to the thrift store.

So anyway my closet is pretty organized now. I still have stuff packed away on the floor that could go to storage, but here or there it's going to be stuck somewhere. It's weird now to have an empty shelf in the closet.

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