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Sane Friends

What's Up World?

Well I started my day off with a business meeting and the Destroyer trying to connect with me. I even got her ass placed in front of my face today. She's really trying to connect with me. If I thought I could just have sex and move on with her I might consider it, but that's the problem with crazy chicks you can't get rid of them that easy. You wake up and your already chained to the bed and not in a good way.

After many attempts to get through to the IRS I finally succeeded today. The 20 minute wait is a real detriment to connecting. Anyway I was happy I faxed over the paperwork last week since they didn't have it, but the lady was nice today and I was able to fax it directly to her. The money had been automatically deposited into her account last November. Why they sent me letter saying it was coming in January is beyond me.

Punk girl is still across the hall. She reminds me of an old employee I use to have. She would just burst into a room without knocking. It was so strong that the ceiling tiles would jump. I could never get across to her that the doctors were in with patients. Anyway Punk girl is the same way with saying hello in the office. And since my desk is behind the door you can't see what I'm doing so half the time I'm either on the phone or in the other room with a patient and she's already talking. Oye.

What the hell happen to Pay Less Shoes? I stopped in today to take a look around. Holy shit all the stuff I usually buy in there was $10-20 more. I think they need to rename it Pay More.

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I hate trying to contact the IRS. It's always alot of waiting and frustration.

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