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Sane Friends

Beach Sights

My weekly beach hike with L was good as usual. It's funny we both enjoy the eye candy as we exercise, however I found out tonight I can't let it take too much of my focus. We were walking and I noticed a attractive woman in a bikini coming our way. When we passed I was looking at her and I smiled and she smiled back. We both kept walking, but I did take a few over the shoulder looks. L brought me back pretty quickly with a suggestion for some photos down the beach. I guess she still needs to mark her territory with me.

Eric was happy to have gotten his glasses today. I had forgotten he was getting them. However with my ex and me both needing glasses for distance his chances weren't that good. It is funny that all his grandparents needed glasses just for reading. Oh well, as long as he's happy.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

How does one even wear a bathing suit like that. It looks so awkward lol.


I'm glad that he got his eyeglasses, then, if he needs them, and, he's happy with them, yeah!

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