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Well we finally talked to Eric about flying home by himself since his mom is taking care of her father and the rest of the family is MIA. He thought about it, but I knew he could handle it. At the end he agreed to go home by himself which means we'll see each other every 2 months which will be great.
Today was a great day in the office. Not so much the amount of patients, but interaction. I had a patient come in today for a second opinion since the other chiropractor they went to was excessive with the treatment plan he talked about after he pulled out all the bells and whistles. I just did my usual full exam which many of my patients is more complex than when they see their internist. I think picking up that her contact wasn't up right which she suspected and that I could help her out in only a couple of visits made them feel better. I was just happy to help someone. Also I was able to network another new patient and hopefully get a few others that she knows.
Money was almost non-existent this week with insurance money so I need to talk to my landlord about being a week late with the rent. I know he'll have no problem with it since I've always paid on time, but I hate having the talk.

I tell you I'm a total spaz when it comes to sunscreen. I missed my back and I got a mild sunburn yesterday. I think I need to just get a tank that I can dip myself or hire someone to put it on for me.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Lots of great shots of Eric. Glad you are getting to spend time together. Enjoy! They grow up too fast.


MY EYES!!! HOLY cow I hope he had sunscreen on!!!! LOL

That looks like so much fun!



He looks as if he's loving his time there:) I'm glad, and, that he'll feel confident enough to try flying on his own. If he gets through it okay (and we all suspect he will but that IS scary the first time, I remember that), being able to see him more often is a plus.

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