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Sane Friends

Phone Service

I hate making cold and luke warm business calls. I know I have nothing to lose and all to gain, but it still sucks doing it. However I was able to land one luke warm one for my paycheck stuffers for reduced visits for the office. With that I called people I did know for my gift bags. My patients like getting stuff and they like that I give more than I ask for. Actually I never ask for patients which I hear is a bad thing. I find that if I don't abuse people and exceed their expectations by giving them stuff they return the favor.

I'm hoping this heat wave will end, but no such luck. I can take the heat, but this high humidity is murder. It builds all day long till it storms at night and then it's nice until the next day. In some places around here they got 6 inches of rain last night. That's sick! Anyway I might have to bite the bullet tomorrow and walk around before my beach hike with L. I'll be sweaty, but it won't matter.

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