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Public Service Announcement

A note to all patients. If you hurt yourself doing an activity that causes excruciating pain then continue doing the activity in pain for 3 more days until you can't walk. Please don't crawl into my office expecting it all to go away in a few minutes. I'm just saying.

Having become more conscious of my thought patterns in meeting women I had a better time yesterday. I still had to stop myself from asking anyone out, but I didn't get squirrelly which was an improvement. Actually the woman in Starbucks I was able to mirror for a while during our conversation. The few things I've learned to connect with people faster seems to work well.

I texted my ex the other day to see how her dad is doing, but I didn't hear anything back. I'll try again today, but after that I'll let it lie. My brother and family will be here for a few days this week. It'll be nice to see them. I moved my normal hike with L to Wednesday so I could have Thursday night with them. This is going to be a week of busy evenings.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

I'm almost afraid to ask what activity they were doing.

There are certain activities I continue to do, even when they hurt. :)

Just sayin.....

I hope you have a beautiful day, Sugar.



I am so glad that I got out of retail. Praise baby Jesus that I don't have to put up with all the redonkulous requests people dream up.

Nice that you have your own business. But I can't imagine all the BS you must deal with when it comes to the public.


~raises hand~ I am one of those people....who crawl to the office...Funny thing. That actually happened to me.

There is this website that gives you all kinds of free date activities...Let me see if I can find it, email it to you. I found it to be helpful when I was on a strict budget but wanted to do fun stuff!


Wow, people are really special sometimes. Just, wow.

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