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Are you using the whole fist doc?

Well today I had my annual insurance review, even though my last one was 6 months ago, with one of the insurance companies I accept. All businesses keep stats on their expenses and your health care is one of them. So I got reamed for the usual, treating people to much which is very funny since I hardly see these patients compared to others. However they don't want me treating people if they have any pain from a 2 on down on a scale of 0 to 10. In there words you can't tell the difference between a 1 and a 2. It doesn't matter if they have a certain amount of visits per year. If you don't have a serious problem they suggested that the patient pay out of pocket. They are suppose to be sending me literature on this. The last time I had one of these I got demoted on the tier scale which means I have to do more paper work to treat patients. As usual you play their game you get rewarded, if not, then it's no Vaseline.

There isn't much I can say while this is happening since I want to accept there insurance. Thankfully it's not very prevalent in my area. However it reminds me of when I was younger and yessing my Mother to death. I don't care what you're saying; just lets get this over with. It's not a very good feeling or memory.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I remember fighting this for a patient who'd had massage therapy as a benefit of her policy, so our practice sent her to a massage therapist but when her pain was brought down to a 3 that was acceptable to them(Ins co) and they wanted to terminate visits. I effectively argued that there would be a negative pain consequence to terminating the massages and she would quickly be back in to us with higher pain levels. Sounds like the same thing could very well be true for your patients. Their pain my be a 2 with regular chiro visits but what will it be without them?

And any reason they give you for termination of visits should also be given to the patient, esp if the patient still has yearly visits available. Are they telling your patients that a 2 pain level is fine? The medical consultant in me says NO WAY they are. ~Mary


Interesting, and sad; if my daughter's pain is able to get down to a 2 for something, should she no longer be treated? UGH. (She's in physical therapy right now, and I think may elevate her actual pain "ranking," based on her limited personal experiences with pain. Now I'll know, if either of us have any pain, always give it higher rating than I suppose a 2 or a 3. What craziness.
And, right, to then treat you that way, the cog in the wheel they wish to not have to pay, is crazy, also. Sorry to hear so many have to go through this stuff. Paperwork, ACK. But, if you drop accepting their insurance, you risk losing the patients. Honestly, I could not afford chirop. for my daughter back when my insurance wouldn't cover it, so I couldn't take her in.

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