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Wednesday's Finances

This is sort of like the insanity I'm living right now. Not that I have a cat or am a woman trying to get married. The insanity is that it's a record month with patient visits, but I'm making less money. WTF? I'm looking for spare change in the couch.

On the another note I'm still trying to find my place in hugging patients. Even though I'm a very huggy person I don't do it in practice. Especially since most of my patients are women and I'm alone here. I don't think the guys would appreciate the hug anyway. However some of my female patients are just huggy, especially after they come to a patient appreciation. A bonding seems to happen.
The Landlord was hatching some crazy scheme last night. He wants to bond Inverse and the LPN, another single mom, to get them to agree to help each other for 18-24 months while they both finish school. Since both have different hours one can baby sit while the other works or goes to school. It's a bold plan and would be very beneficial for both of them. The biggest problem is that they both can't see the big picture. The LPN could go a year before she gives up, but Inverse I would say 2 months. The most crazy part of the scheme was that he was thinking of having them move back into the house with Inverse still owing him money.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Ah, but how many cats do they have? :) Just kidding. I'm a woman with cats, but ah, NOT 30 by any means. Then again, I'm also not looking to get married (or looking to not get married).

I really hate those months when I'm charging the groceries on the credit card while child support's late and I need to feed everyone type month. I hope yours picks up soon!!


Hahahaha on the visual since I have 2 cats sitting on my lap right now. But I am in no way suited for the institution of marriage, so it works for me.

It isn't insanity from a medi-finance standpoint, since your revenues are insurance payment heavy and insurance does not pay so promptly that you would see the monies in the same month as you have given the service. There are charts and graphs you can use, plugging in the right numbers and insurance company timelines on payment for non-disputed claims that will tell you about when(with pretty good accuracy) you will rec. payment on what you do in any given month. You can chart it over time and see that it is coming properly, just on a different flow then actual performance.

Tip from a medical consultant: Do not hug patients. I've seen it cause problems that it just is not worth. ~Mary


I have to be honest with you. This graph thang isn't very accurate.

I've been proposed to and given rings by 3 people. This despite having 6 cats at the time. Must be non blondes that have the problem! *snort*

I'm sure y'all want to know how I ended up with 6 cats. I worked at an animal hospital. People use to leave animals in boxes outside our door. There were also a couple who's owners decided the medical treatment they needed wasn't worth a life, and asked to have them "put to sleep." I would usually ask them to turn over ownership to me, and in exchange I promised their cat a good home and the needed surgery or whatever to get it healthy. One stubborn bitch made me pay her. Yes, she asked me for $200 for a cat she was just ready to have killed. Yes, I paid it. Life, any life, is valuable to me.

There was a point where I said "I'm building an ark, just call me Noah." I never regret taking in so many. I sleep at night knowing I made their last months or years happy, safe and comfortable.



I have no cats, so that means that I am total marriage material. Thanks for this little nugget of information.

Your landlord is either just flat out stupid, or he really wants to bang Inverse. Probably a bit of both. He hasn't gotten paid or laid, and he's still thinking about her. Unbelieveble.

The arrangement between Inverse and LPN would never work since they don't sound very responsible and would end up backing out of their responsibilities of helping each other out. Not only that but something tells me Inverse will probably end up dropping out of school.

We should all pull together and get you a little detector for you to carry around on the beach.

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