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Sane Friends

Family Visit

Family visits always tire me out. My brother and family arrived yesterday and I went over to hang with them after my hike with L. With my flat feet I'm usually tired anyway, but staying up late to talk with them didn't help. One of the bigger questions was how our Mom was doing. I told them she'll probably be around another 5-10 years which they weren't too happy to hear. He my Mom has good genes which I know I inherited from her. She'll be 81 this year.
In talking I found out the my 5 year old niece has started up her own business selling pot holders. She's actually doing very well with them. They're being sold in several stores in NJ and PA. The funny thing is that she no longer draws and allowance since she's making more money this way. So no she pays her parents a $1 a week which makes her very happy.
We all went over to visit our Mom today. They got to understand how I describe her. Mom still amazes me with her appropriate answers sometimes. Her memory is Swiss cheese so somethings she can remember and others not. She didn't know my brother by name, but was good with names. Since my brother doesn't see her as much it's much harder for him than it is for me.

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