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Sane Friends

July 27th

Holy shit! I didn't realized what day it was. Today marks 5 years since I dropped my ex and Eric off at the airport when we officially split. Thinking back I can't imagine that old life anymore. How I survived that hell for so long is mind boggling. I and my life have changed so much since then it's amazing. Happiness is the biggest thing in my life now. Some extra spending cash for bills and food would be nice, but in all other aspects I'm happy to say I'm happy. I see how so many of my friends wish there life away and are miserable. I'm happy not to be there anymore.

Very happy tonight that the AC has been fixed in the house. Last night was a rough night so I'm looking to make it up tonight. I also will be dealing with the Destroyer in the morning and I need to be fully awake.

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Good luck with the Destroyer. Sounds scary!

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