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Even though I don't online date anymore I still read Match's magazine to see if there is anything interesting. This week I was surprised to see that they finally tackled the topic of blogging about your dates (click here). While I don't mention to my dates that I blog, I do use pseudo names for everyone. I'm happy that my dating life entertains everyone, but like my blog I do it to straighten my thoughts out. I'm a physical person and I always need a physical outlet for my feelings and thoughts. Writing fills that need, plus helps me coordinate my thinking into some kind of structure even though my grammar can suck sometimes.

My spider issue was resolved just before I went to bed last night. I move the comforter again and he scurried out. He must like that comforter. Anyway I got him while messing up some of my puzzle, but it was worth it. However sleep was less than restful last night with the door open. There are just too many noises in the house that I'm not use to with the door closed. Hopefully it will be fixed today.

I'm off to the gym now. After lunch I need to get on the phone calling people to work on getting my paycheck coupons to employees. I can feel the urgency, but also the fear of doing it. The fear is if you put all the eggs in one basket what do you have left if it doesn't work out. For one I know the concept works and I'm sick of treading water. Fully committing in business is harder than it is in a relationship for me.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Hello. I have to say that I really enjoyed your post. I think that blogging is therapeutic and it often helps me to share things. I really am glad to know that you also feel the same way as I do.

I have NEVER gone on a date but I do like to read some opinion's and things over at Match.com. I have NEVER tried Online Dating I am just NOT sure about it.

Anywho...thanks for sharing. Here is a link to my blog ----> http://deardiary-monae.blogspot.com/ . Do feel free to drop in anytime.

Thanks again

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