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Sunday Heat

The night wasn't too bad. The downstairs AC still works and with a fan blowing the air up with no sun it was very comfortable. However there was no sleeping in this morning. By 10 the sun was baking the place. Since I didn't feel like being cooked in the house I went to see Earth at the $1 movie house. It was cheap and cool. What more could I want? The movie was enjoyable, but I had seen most of Planet Earth when I use to take salsa lessons. Don't ask?

I dumped a shit load of stuff at the thrift store which gave me a nice lighter feel. I hate getting rid of good stuff, but since someone else can use it I'm better with that.

So with a few hours to waste I've come to my office to escape the heat. I've made a slide show for the office. At some point I'll update it to a video, but I figured I'd get the words down first. Then I can look for someone to star in it.

Tonight I'm hitting the Funny Bone with the singles.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I didn't have AC in my last place because the place was built in the 1920s. Luckily we had a basement so I could watch DVDs in there, but sometime my room got hotter than Satan's asscrack.


To think, I was bitching about 83! I'm just not a hot weather person. Give me the glorious 70's year round please. :)

Stay cool....


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