Going Sane in a Crazy World

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Sane Friends

Hugs Not Drugs

Virginia Satir (psychotherapist)

People need:
4 hugs/day to prevent depression
8 hug/day for psychological stability
12 hugs/day for emotional growth

Dancer from New Mexico stopped by for treatment. She was a big hugger like myself and it was nice to hug someone. Even though I'm a big hugger I refrain from it most of day at work. Since I have no female staff I don't want to end up in a big heap of legal trouble so I don't hug. It's funny because it spills into my personal life. Since I'm constantly restricting my natural instinct I find myself doing so in my personal life. Now that I'm not dating I really don't hug that often and I miss it. I'm a very physical person and deprivation causes a certain amount of stress in me. I think that's why I sleep so much better when I'm with someone. Physical touch just relaxes me. So with all this going through my mind I remembered Virginia Satir's statement about hugs and I think it's very true. So where do you fall?

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Hugging is nice, I miss it too. I don't hug people often. My grandma hugs the best, and she hugs me the longest.

I extend a cyber hug to you until you get a real one.


I'm a hugger for sure. I like a nice, strong, heartfelt hug. But not the kind where you're like... okay... let go now... please.

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