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Little of This and a Little of That

Usually I buy a cheap lunch, but about once a week I up for a decent lunch and I'll save half because I know I'm not going to be home to eat dinner till late. What I truly hate is when I forget it in the car for a few hours on a hot, sunny, June day. Jeez what a waste.

I actually had to call the state police last night do to a drunk driver on the road. The biggest problem was getting his license plate number since he was speeding and no one wanted to get near him. I had to get off the exit, but hopefully they got the guy before he hurt someone.

I think Dancer and I are coming to an end. She had texted me that she went to the movies the other night which I got this morning. So I texted back a question on the road and didn't hear the phone ring. She was upset that I hadn't answered since I just texted. So she wanted to know if I didn't want her to call anymore. Okay this is getting way out of control now. I wonder if it will all just go away on it's own or will I have to call her to stop it all.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I told you this woman is nuts. Because you let remain in contact with you, she is going to keep calling you until you cut her off.

Sorry if I am being short, but if you don't cut off communication now, she will probably end up driving to your place.

You're not even that into her, just let her go.


Hi Mike,
Sounds like it's time to break it off with Dancer. Just tell her you're seeing Prancer and Vixen.

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