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OMG I'm exhausted today. I dropped Dancer off at the airport at 5 this morning. She always wakes up earlier than me and there is no more glaring reflection of us than at that time. Dancer wants to engage with me and I just want to sleep. Without that deeper chemistry connection the relationship is just not high on my list. I explained it in a better way to her, but since she has a better chemistry than me I think it was over looked by her. So I think with us apart it will better be understood by her.

However I'm a walking zombie today. I dragged my ass back out of bed to come to work for a patient that didn't show up. I'm happy to report others have called to come in today, but when I could have slept and it didn't happen. Oye I'm mad. As any woman that has every dated me knows that I like my sleep.

I took Dancer out to Carabas for our date Saturday night. The food there is always awesome and I had free gift certificates to the place so it worked out great. We then took a walk in the park and then stopped at Starbucks since it was raining. Most women look at me strange when I suggest Starbucks and a game of Lifestories for dessert in the night. However once we play they are pleasantly surprised. Dancer really enjoyed the game.

Yesterday we walked on the beach early in the morning and yes my ass was dragged outside to do this. We did some bike riding down the boardwalk and since she loves light houses I took her to one of ours here. Old Cape Henry lighthouse from 1791 which was the first construction job commissioned by the US.

Since I was exhausted Saturday I asked Dancer to come with me to see my Mom which as always was a short visit. We hooked up with the singles to see Sunshine Cleaning. It was a really good movie which I would recommend.

Inverse entered the picture last night and threw us a screwball. She showed up to drop off her daughter. I was like the Landlord said he would be gone the night. Inverse said he would be home shortly and could I just watch her for the few minutes until that happen since she and this guy had reservations. I was like okay, but I knew something was up. Her daughter was all wound up after a diet of Doritos and fruit rollups all day long. Dancer and I took her for a walk to try and get her to calm down. When the Landlord got home he was pissed. He's very big on hospitality and it was bad enough that it affected me, but to affect Dancer too was too much. Also I found out afterwards that he hadn't accepted to do it. He had told Inverse that he would call her when he was finished. Inverse also put the cherry on top by not saying anything, but her daughter stood the night and Landlord took her to school the next morning.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I don't understand why you guys keep helping her out. She always pulls one over on you, yet someone in the house always comes to her aid and never puts their foot down.


Hi Mike,
What a sad situation. Inverse is clearly -- well -- the Inverse of an adult. It's her child that suffers. So, in the end, I'm sure the landlord didn't do this for Inverse as much as for her daughter.

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