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Sane Friends

Fire in the Sky

I need a caffeine IV or something. I'm so tired I actually turned down sex this morning. Something I never thought I'd do. However it was either suggest that we have it tonight or just sleep through it. I haven't been to sleep before 1 am all this week and with getting up early for work has caught up with me.

Dancer surprised me last night by asking if I wanted to continue this relationship long distance. I did give her my, "I don't like LTR." However I told her I would think about it since she had already processed it just like Tuesday when she wanted to go out with me. It's a complete change of how I'm looking at this. I do know she is having more chemistry with me then I am having with her which will probably be my answer. Dancer is a great person to have as a friend, but that special spark isn't there.

I did get the report from my collector that the former patient who friended me on Facebook has gone bankrupt and I can kiss that money goodbye. He did suggest that I reply to the request asking if there is any chance of paying off the amount. Hey nothing to lose.

I was able to confirm some family rumors yesterday. One of my patients asked if she could visit my Mom. It's part of there job in the church to visit seniors in the different homes. So she went with a friend of hers. They're both Filipino and her friend is sharp with detecting Filipino information. Like if you were born here or not, what providence you're from, etc. She took one look at my Mom and said that she was part Japanese. My Mom's mom died after child birth and her Dad remarried. When he died her step mom said that her Dad wasn't really her father. A Japanese man was, but he never married her mom. However my Mom never got a long with her so she never knew if it was the truth or just something to hurt her. So my brother and I have been trying to put pieces together with the fragments we knew.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

It's tough trying to fit all the pieces together...but like me, I know you'll keep trying. The Japanese comment was interesting.

Wait a min...you turned down sex??


I hope you find the answers you're looking for. I'm glad you got some family rumors confirmed.

If that skankwhore oops I meant, woman is bankrupt, yeah just forget about it. You can ask her, but I think it will just end up causing you more disappointment in your life. She's out of your life, keep her that way.

I can't believe you turned down sex !


See, it is realistic to not have sex when too tired! (Okay, that comment is more for a friend of mine, but hey, she doesn't read your blog and doesn't have a regular boyfriend.)

Interesting about your mother's possibly ancestry!

Maybe you could ask your former patient to just pay what she can, when she can, after she gets some of her financial life back in gear??

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