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Well it's the end of a good day at the office. If I had a day like today everyday (patients, collections, etc.) I would be extremely happy. However the rest of the week is looking a little lean. This month I've instituted a $5 Starbuck gift card for those who refer to me. I didn't announce it and I won't. It'll just be a surprise when they get it in the mail. My coach was very interested in this since that's the legal limit in the medical field while the financial field it's $50.

My friend the Doula volunteered to look over all my work for grammatical errors which was great. So I'll send her my weekly motivations each week so she can tweak them for me. I think she might be feeling bad that I do a lot and she's having a hard time keeping at my level.

I think I've solved my non-fully rested problem. I haven't been adjusted in a few weeks. OVDC got married, honeymooned, and then has been playing catch up so I'm suffering. I can't wait to see her Wednesday.

Funny bone with the singles last night was great. We saw Mark Eddie. It was the first time I've seen a comic come on stage with a guitar and really playing. The guy has done back ups with Browne, Etheridge, etc. So his entire routine revolved around music. It was awesome. He had the whole audience singing with him.

I've discovered how to fuck with the Fed Ex guy without even trying. I was doing paperwork in the office today and my open sign wasn't even there, but he walked in with 2 boxes. I thought it was a salesman so I told him I didn't want any and went back to work. He just looked at me like I had 3 heads.

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