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Sane Friends

Tuesday Outing

I have guest coming today. People from the Meetup in New Mexico are here for vacation. They wanted to know what we were doing this week. So they're coming to our Happy Hour Friday. However they wanted to meet me and go out. Since it's nice out today I think I'll suggest going miniature golfing tonight. Being out in the evening with great weather, with something fun to do usually gets everyone talking which will be great. Also one of them needs treatment so they're stopping in today. Cool.

My old massage therapist that owes me money sent me a form for her to be filled out for unemployment. WTF? I wasn't going to do it, but I filled it out for the time I saw her last year which I'm not quite sure what it will do.

I need good collections to come in this week if I'm to have Eric fly down this month. It dribbled in last week and hopefully it'll do better this week.

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