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Help a Friend Out

I went to see I Love You Man with the singles last night. It was a lot better than I thought it would be. I also could relate a lot to the movie since I've always had more women friends then male friends. The only exception was when I had my gaming group in college. Even now a days I hit it off much better with women than men. For dating and business it works well, however in male bonding it makes it a little rough. I do remember over a decade ago when I was trying to make new male friends since everyone I knew had moved out of the area. It was a very eye opening experience. I see why my singles group is so popular. Most people don't know how to foster new relationships once they're out of school where you are forced into tight groups. When left on there own most people just become lost.
On the same subject of friends. I'm looking through people I might know on Facebook. You know the friends of your friends. While I usually have no idea who these people are, on occasion I find someone I want to know. One woman who by the hyphen I take is married is a friend of 10 of my friends in the area. She's gorgeous and I've never met her. I've meet many of these people's friends. What the hell are they doing holding out on me. Do they have a free pass into the Forbidden City of Gorgeous Women? Her profile was private, but her friends weren't. Holy hell her friends are hotter than she is and there name isn't hyphened. I might have to start reassessing my friends if they are keeping these hot women from me.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I can see how you'd hit it off with the ladies and have more of them as friends. You actually analyze situations and like to "chat." Women LOVE that!!

Btw, I never thought of peeking at my friends' friends on FB...but I will now. I hope this doesn't get me in trouble. ;)



And, btw, not all who hyphenate their names are married (my daughter, for example).

I only friend request people whom I know in real life (or blogging), whom I've sometimes re-discovered by searching my friends friends. (There are some who have friend requested ME, who I know from blogging, or are friends of those I've blogged with, but no one out of the blue type thing.)

Hmmm, maybe you should create a FB event, and have your local friends invite their local friends?

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