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Sane Friends

Fly Like an Eagle

Well I just got the official announcement that Dancer has given up. She dropped her singles membership with my group before I would do it next week. She stated that she still wanted to be friends, but was getting the message that I didn't. Hopefully she won't be like Lazarus coming back from the grave.

My flight to NY yesterday went very smooth and it's great since it's under and hour to get there. I can see why it's a cheap airline since only poor people could fit in the seats. I'm not a big guy and it felt tight to me. If you have a few extra pounds for get about it.

It's an eye opener when you walk into NY. I always feel the age and decay. This time it was like were are all the white people. I don't think I ran into a single white employee there and I'd say that about 60% English was a second language. I almost felt like I was in another country. Anyway the ex wasn't feeling well and I had to take a taxi to pick Eric up. It was a smooth trip and no problems. I was going to pick him up a little later, but the ex said he was ready.

I did find out why he has some of his anxieties. His remembered airport trips have been been with his mom and she's notorious for getting loss. She does use him as a copilot when she's loss so he gets brought into it all. After sitting in the airport for 6 hours, the place loss any anxiety provoking attributes and just became a big boring place. We had fun for about the first 3-4 hours though.

Eric really enjoyed the flight and was very excited. I've used every opportunity to push that when he can do it by himself we can see each other more often. Now I'll just see what happens.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Great news all around ... it's goodbye Dancer, hello Eric!


My ex & I were talking about an obsessive, very hyper woman he knows. About 2 days after she found out he & I had broken up, she asked him out, but said, "Oh, I am so busy, I don't even know if I have the time to date BUT FOR YOU I WOULD." LOL. He finds women who ask for a date sort of desp., so that decided that. He said no and the next day she asked someone else out. Dancer will move on(I mean for good), those types get quickly obsessed with the next guy.

Eric will have a ball with his dad & want to come on his own soon. I'd keep gently pushing that also if I were you. ~Mary

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