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Sane Friends

Hittin' the Brakes

One thing that I have learned being a chiropractor is matching people's energy levels. If someone comes in feeling very low I can't talk to him like I'm high on crack and visa versa. For people to relate to you I've found that I need to be close to where they are. Afterwards I can move to a higher level. Why am I talking about this? Dancer of course. I need to talk to her again that there is no spark for me and that friends is it. She is constantly coming at me at 100% high and I'm down around 10-20%. Hey if I was interested in her she would be a great person as she is talking date nights and such on the phone which is awesome. However I'm just not that in to her to quote a catch phrase.

Eric and I got a chance to talk for a while last night and he's excited to see me and fly in the plane. I'm hoping he gets use to flying soon so he can do it himself since then I could see him every other month if not every month if prices stay the way they are.

It's a slow day in the office today so I'm catching up on paperwork and doing some marketing. I've gotten some new patients for later in the week and a pregnancy fair for August so it's been worth it. This morning was the first time in a while that I awoke rested. I'm conking out a little now, but it's better than it has been. I'm still fighting a minor cold. Tonight's hike is going to be a rough one since there is going to be a good wind. While I'm good for a normal hike the windy ones still take some getting use to.

On the home front we have a female doctor who hasn't passed her boards yet coming to check the place out. We believe she was trained outside the US which is very difficult to get licensed here nowadays. She's teaching at one of the hospitals until she can get fully accredited. We'll see if she works out. It will be interesting to have another professional in the house.

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