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Sane Friends

Work Ethic

I tell you the most common comment I get on Facebook is asking "if I ever work". It's quickly followed by all I seem to do on my hikes is stand around and take pictures. Hey everyone is a comedian. I guess not being tied down to a desk makes it seem like I never work. Although there are times when I play hokey for an hour or two. However when I'm out of the office, I'm marketing out in the field and if I can get it done at Starbucks all the better.

It's hot as hell here today and it would be the day I scheduled time for HHC lady and myself to go around meeting people. Today she knew everyone and was introducing me around while keeping herself fresh in there minds. I was able to look at her in a different light being out and about. While she is attractive she isn't drop dead gorgeous, but I know she has a codependent core. I can feel it and that's what I'm attracted to. My fangs always drop for these women. I married one so I know how it turns out so I avoid them. However I'm still amazed on how I can pick them out of a crowd.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
Hey, if people question your work ethic, they're probably just jealous that they're not enjoying life -- and working hard -- the same way you do. I say, way to go since you've found the kind of balance in your life that many people can only dream of.


I wish I wasn't tied down to a desk and had that freedom.

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