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Schools Out for Summer

While I enjoy being outside in the warm weather I have to admit I hate when school gets out. From a business stand point everyone goes on vacation which means lower numbers. The gym is packet with rug rats and driving is like something out of the Road Warrior with kids darting across streets on anything with wheels. I guess this officially makes me old. Turn down that music!!!

It was interesting in the series I'm reading now by Shanna Swendson. The heroine can't wait to be in comfortable part of the relationship as she dates so she doesn't have to be so anxious. I was starting to be judgemental on this attitude of hers, but I realized I'm the same way. I always want to be in that comfort zone, however in thinking about it I see it's an old friend of mine. Being comfortable means being complacent. That I won't have to work so hard again. Whether I would drop back to that old habit I don't know. I haven't done it in any of the dating I've done over the year even though they were short term. I didn't do it in the last years of my marriage. So I have no idea if it's just an old fear of something I've overcome and just haven't had the chance yet to see it in real life or is it still a legitimate fear.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I too find myself wanting to get to that "comfortable place" in a relationship pretty quickly as well. I guess because I'm older now and I want the stability of a grown up relationship.


E and I have been in a comfortable zone with each other for a long time now, but I still try to work at it, help make sure I'm not taking him, and us, for granted. Just because. Heck, my daughter will always be my daughter and that won't break up, but I still try to let her know I don't take her for granted, either.
But, yeah, that anxiety sucks. I couldn't be in this relationship with just any other guy, though, so it's really both of us working on this, and having come to this. It's kind of weird, but, it's good.
Not all relationships are meant to move forward to that extent, and, sometimes, that's okay, too:)

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