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Sane Friends


I want to thank Rachel Sara over at Single Mom Seeking for recognizing me this Father's Day. Just click on her blog to read my interview. Reading the interview I remembered a book I had ordered years ago when I first separated. Since it was a whole new experience for me being a long distance dad I read everything I could on what I could do, how it would affect Eric, etc. So I pulled the book out again Dad's at a Distance. They cover everything for dad, but they have stuff for moms and couples. When I first got the book Eric was a bit young for everything, but having rediscovered the book there are plenty of things Eric and I can do now. Check it out and hopefully it helps with any distance relationship you have.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Was introduced to your blog from Rachel. Nice to see fellow dads out there in the Blogosphere...especially one going through a similar situation.

Hope you have a great Father's Day.


I will check it out and now that I'm working in Family Law again, I may recommend it.

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