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Tuesday's Here

It was nice to sleep a full night sleep. When the alarm clock went off this morning I had to hit the snooze and it was a blink on an eye when it went off again. It didn't matter to me that I was alone in the bed just that no one was waking me up early. I have to admit that was getting on my nerves with Dancer waking me up early to hang out. She texted me this morning telling me how much she misses me next to her in bed. I'm thinking I need to tell her again that I'm not having any spark between us to build a relationship on. Friend wise will be great. So we'll see.

I'm getting many questions on what Eric and I are doing when he gets here. I have no clue honestly. His taste keep changing so there is no reason for me to even plan. For both of us, just doing something, anything together is the best. I'll have to work while he is here which is no big deal since Eric has been coming to work with me since he was in an infant carrier. I actually have a few small jobs he could help me out with.

In an effort to help answer Eric's question about his family tree I made one for my Father's side and one for my Mom's side. Plus I copied the picture I had in the last entry for him.

In digging through my Mom's side of the family I'm feeling a better connection. My brother and I have talked on this before, but our Mom did not foster in us any sense of cultural heritage. We have no idea why. He thinks it's from many people thinking they were Puerto Rican during the big migration to NY in the 50's. I think it has more to do with Mom's own stuff of not connecting.

Until I was older did I realize how unconnected I felt in the world. Hey you could be Irish and never been to Ireland, but there is a connection with others who are Irish. I never met a Filipino person until I was in my 20's. If I had never worked with any I would have no idea about that side of my heritage. I've always known my Italian relatives, but since we were not close in distance that never got as strong as I seen in many of my other friends who were Italian. So with all this work it's nice to start to feel part of something bigger than apart from.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Hey, Happy Fathers Day ! I think it's great that you are putting together the family tree for Eric. Kids like to know their roots.

My mother didn't really talk about her culture either. She didn't teach us German. Luckily my aunt and grandma welcomed me over there and helped me learn German. At the time my mom was so focused on becoming an American citizen that the rest didn't matter. Maybe that's how your mom felt. I'm sure at the time it was looked down upon to bring her culture with her.

You should definitely tell Dancer that you don't feel the spark. Mean ? Maybe, but you gotta be a little cruel to be kind.

Quite frankly, I am a little shocked that Dancer can't read between the lines. If I were dating a man and he turned down sex so early on, especially if he was "tired" I would know to move on.

Good luck to you both.


No truer words were ever spoken Senorita. If I'm into someone, tired or not I don't turn down sex.

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