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Sane Friends

Hang On Its Going to Be a Wild Ride

WTF would be the expression that describes this week. Earlier this week my old massage therapist that still owes me money emailed me a unemployment letter to be filled out for her. I'm not quite sure why since I last saw her 6 months ago. Ballsy, but low on the scale. Who takes the grand kahunas would be an old patient that I knew from a business group that left the state with her settlement money and owing me several thousand dollars. I get a request today for a her to become my Facebook friend. Truly WTF?

I was happy to get a nice size check from the insurance company today. I've been praying for money so I could fly Eric down here. However when I had it in my hand I was like I wouldn't have to sweat over the next 10 days, but I got what I prayed for so I'm going on that faith. I emailed my ex the cost for each of us. So as soon as I here an okay from her I'll buy the tickets.
So last night was an interesting night. Since it rained I changed the singles event to pool. Saturn girl and Server guy were able to come out and meet Dancer and her friends from New Mexico. The one thing I noticed was that Dancer liked me and was flirting with me. So while I was processing all this and if I wanted to start something with a woman who would be gone in a few days, Dancer made sure I knew she liked me. As I've learned women never touch you by accident and with her breasts keep bumping into me I knew where she was coming from. So we walked the beach after everything had died down and got to talk. Dancer is straight forward like I am so it was nice. However this was something very different for me since I usually work on building something long term and this wasn't going to be it. However I've been trying to stretch myself so that I'm not so rigid. Yada yada yada it was a very nice view of the sunrise from her window.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

OMG, WTF Indeed ! I've run into people like this before where they do something insane like this and then come back and want to be your friend.

It doesn't take balls. It is sheer disregard for others.

But I am glad you got your settlement check. We can't always get what we want, but the Universe does provide. Keep the faith !


The medical consultant & bill collector in me says be her "friend" & be friends with her friends on Facebook, and use that to get some money back. It she actually got the money for your medical services & spent it, it is a crime & it can be prosecuted if you stay on top of where she is & go after it.

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