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Siesta Time

Signing in today I realized I didn't blog about Happy Hour last night. It was a real blast. We had 16 people show up and we put 4 of their tables together to fit everyone. The food was great as was the jokes. I was there about 2 1/2 hours and the time flew. I saw that the place was switching over to the club scene so I hit the road. I was never a bar or club person so I find it interesting to look at now a days. The women all lined up at the bar. Guys slowly walking up to them and chatting. Striking out and then moving on hopefully. Usually you see a guy hanging in there even though his wings are on fire. Like buddy pull out.
I hit the office this morning to finish up billing and take care of a new patient. I was hoping to grab a haircut at my old barber shop, but time ran out. It probably was a good thing. Less hair on my head out in the sun probably wouldn't have been a good thing.
I met the singles for some mini-golf. The weather was sunny and in the 70's, the perfect day. It was only 5 of us which was the perfect size so that we didn't take too long, but didn't fly through the course. Afterwards we did our usual Mexican lunch. I tell you with all the sunshine and a full stomach I was dying for a nap.
What always amazes me with the singles is that they wonder how I do everything I do. I think for some of them the think I make a fortune being a doctor. If they only knew that I'm down around the poverty level. However no matter where I'm at, I always make sure to take care of myself so that I'm in a positive state of mind. Since I can get the most done in that mind frame. My time is a constant, but my energy levels are under my power. I don't like wasting it on stuff that doesn't push me in a positive direction.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
I'm sure the singles are impressed because you find time to organize so much activity while juggling everything else. It really does seem impressive.

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