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Sane Friends

The Mobeius Strip

I got home early today since my last patient cancelled and I wanted to beat the traffic. I found Inverse's daughter here so I guess the Landlord is babysitting while Inverse goes to school. Since Phili wasn't home I left my door open since I wanted to ask Inverse a question when she arrived.

It's always different when the bubble breaks. 2 days off of Phili made a difference cause when she gave me her story of how her day went. I was like God please help me. I can't take the whacked out stories anymore. The tiny, short outfit didn't do anything for me.

I did get to see Inverse and I have to admit she looked more serene then she use to. Since she works at Hot Tuna I wanted to find out if the rumors were true that they went smoke free. They did I found out which is great since a Happy Hour there would be awesome. Besides a "hi sweetie" and a smile that was the extent of our interaction.

Tonight is $1 movie night with the singles. We're seeing Taken. That will be after my dinner with the new person. Reviews to follow.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

So Did Inverse actually pay back the landlord the rent she owed ? Please don't tell me he agreed to babysit her child while she still owes him all this money.

I recently stopped by a comedy club that's been smoke free for about ten years. Still smells like nasty stale cigarettes in there.


I think you failed to write a review of the new person, only of the movie:)

Well, perhaps Landlord doesn't care if he's being taken advantage of monetarily, perhaps in his mind he's doing his part to help out in the world. Or something. And, giving the little girl some grounding isn't so bad, either.

I'm asthmatic and allergic to cigarette smoke, so a place going smoke-free is awesome, and hopefully they've cleared enough of the smoke out that it doesn't still smell too badly.

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