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Sane Friends

Wakey ... Wakey ... Eggs and Bacey

Ugh. Phili was in rare form this morning. While she is good with most things, she can't close a door quietly to save her life. We got her good there for a day or two, but holy hell! This morning the doors were almost slamming as she scurried from the bathroom to her bedroom, to the kitchen and back again. It was like 2 hours of it. I think we might need to remove the door from her room.

As with many new things, until my confidence grows I can drag my heels. The two new endeavors for the office fall into this category. While I know the therapy helps everything else I've tried it on from allergies to varicose veins. It's an old thing. I'm waiting for the feeling to happen so I can take the action, but it rarely works that way. So I'm just putting one foot in front of the other as I put it all together. I was smart this time. I started on the smaller stuff and worked my way to the bigger stuff. Usually I start on the big stuff and it stalls me.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
I think the landlord should have a chat with Phili about her door-slamming before it becomes an ongoing problem.

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