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Sane Friends

Easter Brunch

Happy Easter to one and all. Eric enjoyed his Easter this year. They got a puppy this year. A miniature Daschund. I didn't know they could get any smaller. It's just a puppy 8 weeks old. Hopefully they know how to train a dog. I tried to get across to Eric that she's a baby and needs to learn everything just like a human baby.
The Landlord took us out for Easter Brunch. We hit Keagan's this year. It was good. We met Phili there and were worried if she would find the place. She still gets lost going to her second job after a week. We are starting to wonder if she had a brain injury or what cause something ain't right.
However I did break out the camera for pics.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

Is that a picture of the landlord ? Yeah, he totally looks like he would rent to hot, wounded women. You know, someone they could reach out to when they get lonely, lol. Definitely not out of the goodness of his heart, rather the goodness from his pants.

So... how did he end up renting to you, since you're a man and don't need rescuing ?

Happy Easter :)


There's been lots of guys through here over the years. For me when I moved in a long time ago. I was working 2 jobs, still working on my divorce, etc.


Wow, I've got a visual for the names now.
He has a good landlord look to his eye and thats her? If so, she's a cutie.....


Yay!!! Pictures! I'm such a visual person and I love being able to see what these people look like. Love it! Thanks!


Oh, and I think the Landlord looks like a very nice guy.

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