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Thursday 13

Thirteen Things I Want for Christmas

Trying to keep it in the holiday spirit.

  1. Official Star Wars lightsaber - not the cheap ones you whip out, but the ones that light up and have the sounds. Actually can I just rent one for 15 minutes then I'd be happy.

  2. CD player for my car - The only problem I had when I got my car was that it had a tape deck. It was free so there wasn't much for me to complain about. Not that I would use it much, but there are times when I just want to hear a certain song.

  3. LASIK - my eyes aren't that bad, I hate contacts, and I don't feel like paying for it. So Santa give me a break

  4. The Sallie Mae computer to crash which deletes all my student loans

  5. Some Auto body elves to fix my messed up car door

  6. Replacement for my James Bond Diamonds are Forever plate which just broke

  7. A Star Trek phaser so I can disintegrate all the solicitors that walk through my door and bother me with all their cheap stuff

  8. Flat screen TV - something I'll wait on since they are the #1 returned electronic item in the US. When they perfect it better than I'll make the switch
  9. CD player for the home - I finally retired my old one of 13 years. One day I'll get another one. I have a backup set up, but since I can't blast my music I'll wait.
  10. Light up Harry Potter Wands - when I was at the party when the last book came out I saw these. They looked fun, but I know 15 minutes after I had it I would be bored with it. If I find one I really like who knows.
  11. The Original Dirty Pair manga books - This is the one thing that sucks about Japan. They don't repeat or reissue stuff. I'm super happy to see them do it with moving things to DVD, but print has yet to redone.
  12. My Bubba Gump Shirt - I have no idea where this went other than my ex made it disappear in one of her rages.
  13. I want to drive a Ferrari - valeting I drove a lot of high end cars, but never a Ferrari. The owners of these cars don't let anyone else touch. Selfish bastards.

7 people had cathartic therapy:

Wow, you don't want much!

Merry Christmas.


A CD player?? Dude!! that's sooooo OLD SCHOOL... you at least need an iPod link OR better yet... Synch! :)

Oh.. and lasik?? BEST THING EVER!!! I've been *SO* happy since I had it done. I highly recommend it... and the valium they give you is the best! ha..ha.ha....


Steph - what can I say. I got the idea from you.

Cinn - I would never use and Ipod. I don't listen to music while I'm walking around. Yeah the Lasik. When I have money burning in my pocket I'll do it.


I was just playing with one of the Star Wars light sabers at the store. Well...turning it on...since it is in a case.
We have an LCD flat screen and have never had problems. I couldn't live without it.



I never thought I would use an Ipod either...now I use it all the time...to work out, around the house, at night when I can't sleep....they are really nice to have! And I am 43...so they aren't just for kids : )


Do you have an ipod? Cause then you can get a tape that connects to the ipod and you can put that in the car. It's great. I bought one for my dad's car when I used his car in NY. Sounds good. Works great.
But that's if you have one. I would go with that instead of the cd player.
But the cd player is good too. My dad had that too.

So I guess you want one of those huh? Does Santa have your address??


You could touch my Ferrari.

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