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Boobies & Butts

I think I'm dropping Monday night dancing. The reason its just way too crowded. There is like 40+ people now in a room that doesn't hold that many for what we are doing. It takes so long to get through the learning that by that time I need to go. So for now I have my Tuesday class and then over to 111's for dancing. Having more sleep the night before allows me to stay out later until the smoke level gets too much at the bar. We were way down in women tonight. So we tried to get the women at the bar to join in. We got one brave soul to do so. We tried to get Lori the bartender and Lindsey the waitress to join in, but they were too scared. Now it is truly funny to see these two together cause they stood on different lines. Lori's got a set of boobs on her that she proudly displays and how she keeps them in that tiny top defies the laws of physics. On the other hand Lindsey has a butt so tight it could lip sync. Both women draw a lot of attention. Better tips I'm not quite sure on.

On the work side I've decided after much thought and talking not to get a massage therapist in this office. I hate working with others since I have to deal with their idiosyncrasies. I've done it too much in the past to want to walk back into it. The other reason is that as I grow I need the room to make sure everything runs smoothly. So over the next month I'll start making that happen.

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Good that you are clear with what you want for your office, Mike.

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