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Post Date Report

Sorry to say not much to report. Their wasn't much of a spark. She was a nice person, but the litmus test failed and it didn't go anywhere from there. We talked for awhile then I said I had to go.

Since the office has been slow today I agreed to see one more patient. Then I'll do some organizing since I told Spa girl she could put her small refrigerator in my spare room till she has space for it.

Oh well back to the bathroom walls to find another phone number.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

Those no chemistry dates are bummers. But you've got to move through them just the same...


So you are definitely someone who needs to feel that "instant spark" of chemistry? YOu don't think it can be built up over the course of a few dates?

Just curious.....

Oh...and you are way too nice to Spa Girl. ;)


Cinn - There needs to be something to build on. I went out with April and CPA girl this year that ended because there wasn't enough chemistry. I usually joke that the litmus test is if I can imagine having sex with them which is part of it, but it's more do I feel any connection to this person.


Sorry that the date ended up a bust, Mike. Just remember, though, that every date is a learning experience. I mean, now you know what you don't want, which makes it easier to narrow down the playing field =)
Wishing you a great New Year, my friend. Happy 2008 ! xx


no luck with bathroom walls

Just when you're NOT expecting
you'll find her!!


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