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Sane Friends

Tale of Two Brendas

As most of you know I sent a Christmas card to Aroma girl (Brenda) who I had went out with a while ago. No still nothing, but not the point here. Anyway I met another girl over the weekend named Brenda. One door closes another opens. I asked her out for Starbucks and we'll get together later in the week. The interesting thing is that she is short about 5 feet. No problem for me, but different since I've been down here. When I was in NY most women were about 5'2" and I got use to it. When I started dating down here I was amazed that most women were about 5'5"-5'6". I felt like I was in the land of the Amazons. So it stood out when I met her. If we make it past Starbucks she'll earn a nickname.

Not much going on here. Usual day at work. Since it is a dead day for non retailers I want to see if I can get new tires on my car. They were dead on the way in so I'll hopefully drop it off later.

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