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The Mandatory Pizza Experience

For a few weeks now I've been dreading this 9 am mandatory pizza meeting. However to get everyone in one place so early on Saturday I figured it would have to be something important or at least give out holiday bonuses. So I asked tonight what it was about. I couldn't believe the answer. So I had to ask several times to make sure they weren't pulling my leg. It's a bitching session. So everyone can clean the air. WTF! You make me come to a meeting at 9 am on a Saturday I'll have plenty to bitch about. Besides that I haven't anything to say and really don't want to hear all the teenagers bitch. My other option is to get written up. Since it not my life long dream to be a manager or do this job for more than the next 30-60 days that really doesn't mean much to me. The only thing that it does touch is that I'm being a rule breaker and I'm usually the nice guy. This goes against my grain, but so does subjecting myself to a LOAD of crap for who knows how long it will go on. So I'm getting some sleep in the morning.

On the Spa girl debate. I know I'm holding a hammer, I'm going to smash my thumb, and its going to hurt. I just don't know when I'm going to do it. I know the longer it goes on the better the chance that it won't.

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