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Sane Friends

TMI Tuesday

1. Are you done with your shopping yet? Wasn't this question here last week. I like being done by Nov. 1st.
2. What is your favorite sexual position? depends on my mood, but I would say the standard guy on top. I can see whom I'm with and still have access to everything.

3. On a scale of 1-10, how open are you to trying new sexual things? 7 maybe 8. I have lines on what I will have done to me, but more open on doing/performing on my partner. However I have no real example of this. I've always been the introducer.

4. What present are you hoping to get this year? I bought the Soprano DVD's I wanted. Besides that I'm not expecting anything else.

5. With your current partner (or your last partner) how often was the sex better than just good? It was always better than good. Only with my ex was it less than good.
Bonus (as in optional):Can a relationship that you are part of survive on sex alone? Could it survive a prolonged period of abstinence? On sex alone? No been there done that. I was abstinent when I was married for 21 months and longer single. So yeah not that I would want to again.

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