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Tired Tuesday

OMG I'm exhausted tonight. Actually I don't even know why I'm blogging instead of sleeping. Guess I feel I need a real entry for Tuesday instead of just a Meme. My instructor was funny since I was breaking protocol by stopping a dance in the middle, but my brain was just getting too fuzzy to think and lead. Not to mention the music breaks which were driving me insane. Salsa songs have this notorious habit of breaking then coming back with a different timing. It's like going out on a date and throughout the night different women keep being your date. WTF? If your going to start something finish with it.

Very weird, but Spa girl has fallen off the face of the earth. Bizarre behavior since we work across the street from each other. If we never saw each other she could probably get away with it, but I'll see her Friday at the block party. Whatever.

No response from Aroma girl so life continues on. May still get something, but I sort of put things on hold since I gave her a higher priority. So now life goes on.

Office life is good and staying level. I picked up the last of the chairs today so now I have nice waiting room chairs. I also picked up a file shelf that I'll set up once I finish cleaning up my extra room. I can't believe I have pizza tomorrow night. It feels so long ago that I did it. I can't wait for it to be over.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Wait... what?? Pizza?? I thought you were done with that? Or is this your last night? I'm *so* confused... ;)


Friday is the last night Cinn. I gave 2 weeks notice. :P


Sounds like Spa Girl is flaking out. How annoying. And Aroma Girl sounds just like her.


Yeah Mike.. I'm with BB --- what's with the flakes that seem to flock to you like moths to a flame?? ;)

Oh wait... does that make *me* a flake? ha..ha.ha...

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