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Patients keep referring patients. It's weird to have them come in and say you've been highly recommended. Wow who knew? So with the office going for a record week I went into pizza tonight and gave my notice that next Friday would be my last night. My manager was like usually you give 2 weeks notice. In my head this is 2 weeks. Wednesday starts my week and Friday ends it. If it really is a problem you can fire me now so I don't have to come back. However that didn't work.

So I picked up some pine garland, ornament, and dug out a string of lights to decorate my room. The one foot tree wasn't doing it for me. I need lights. I love sitting in the dark looking at them with the Christmas music on. Tomorrow I'll need to burn a Holiday music CD since all my music is in the office.

Well Aroma girl must have the card by now. I'm working on not having any expectations. Although a good breeze would quickly get a fire going. So I'm trying to keep my mind open.

Oh yeah I have one good pizza story for you. I'm inside and Car girl comes in with this large bag of trash. You know the ones that they use for a McDonalds garbage can. It's full! I ask her if that's from her car and she says yes. She has a tiny freakin' car. How can you sit in such filth. It reminds me of the time I hopped in the back of my friend Dan's car. You couldn't touch the floor for the amount of trash on it. I kid you not. It had a cup of half eaten ice cream sitting there on the floor. I feel bad when I have crumbs in my car. And yes I have seen Dan's bathroom and yes his toilet needs to be shaved.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Glad the pizza job is more or less over.
Excellent that patients are giving you such good referrals.
I'm hoping Aroma Girl calls you...

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