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Annie left an interesting comment. Why not contact Brenda again? I didn't really have an answer for that. Usually I just don't go back, but I wasn't the one to end it and it was a fond relationship that still is in my mind. The funny thing is that I found her business card a week or so ago and I tossed it out. However I know where she lives. So I asked my friend Tina what she thought and she suggested since it was the holiday season a Christmas card would be okay. So it's in the mail and we'll see what happens.

I know Spa girl can not give what I want and she is becoming Ms. Right Now. I enjoy her as a friend, but it will be a long while before she is where I would like a SO to be if she ever makes it. This is a big lesson for me of being complacent and settling which I don't want to do.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi again Mike !

I'll cross my fingers for you with Brenda.

What did you say in the holiday card ? Did you mention thinking of her or wanting to talk to her or see her or clearing up the past ?

I really hope it works out good for you, Mike.

Sometimes we mess up with someone who could have been wonderful but we don't know it until later -

I'm going to mind my own beeswax about SpaGirl from now on. Zipped lips and all that :)

Loving Annie


Hey Annie,

Said that I had found her card a week or so ago which I did. Hoped her and her daughters were doing well. Told her that she was right everything did work out for me and thanks for that. That was about it. My return address had my phone number on it and we'll see.

You can comment on Spa girl I don't mind at all. I guess responding to you here is the best.


Card was an excellant way to go!!


A Christmas card is a great idea. It's friendly yet very touching. I have my hooves crossed for you that she calls! ;-)


Crossing my fingers for you, Mike. =) Tina

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