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Twas the Saturday Before Christmas

Twas the Saturday Before Christmas and it was busy in the office. Wow that was the busiest Saturday I've ever had and a nice end to another record week. Not being that busy over the years has gotten me out of shape for this. Seeing a bunch of patients really is a work out.

Now over the years I've had people ewww and ouch when I work on them. Sometimes the squirm or laugh and once I got an "Oh momma"! However I never heard a patient "meow" till today. She did apologize for it.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

LOL...she was a kitty cat huh? When I was working as a ER nurse, I was assisting a pelvic exam and when the doc inserted the speculum the woman went "Ahhh" Freak.


she meowed?! That must have been hilarious!


Oh I've been laughing about it all day.


Hi Mike
I've moved, come visit when you've recovered from your sessions...

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