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Well I finished moving all the big stuff over into storage. I was pissed that I broke one of my Franklin Mint James Bond plates. Happier that I caught the box and only one fell out. Sad that I can't find a replacement anywhere on the web. Over the next few days I'll organize the room into how I need it to be. I did make a purchase today of 3 waiting room chairs. I've been using nice folding chairs, but this was a good upgrade. The guy said they were light gray, but they look tan to me in the office. However I know I'm color blind so I'm not the best person to tell. He found one more which would work out really well, but I want to make sure they match with the room.

Tomorrow should be the day I get a response from Aroma girl, Tuesday will be the latest. After that I will let it go. So here's hoping.

Boy it was strange to budget money for a month. I know how much I'm making since tips are always all over the place. Boy I forgot how fast money goes. However now I'm no longer driving in the dark with my personal finances. I did that with my business a year ago and it worked out really well this year. So I'm going to continue growing in my financial maturity.

I don't know how Christmas sales are going this year, but sales suck. I was able to get Robots the movie for Eric cheap today. He likes the video game so I'll give it to him for his birthday. Yes I'm already stockpiling for next year. Hey what can I say.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

yeppers...... money practically flies out the door sometimes... and for the darndest things! Electricity, fuel, food, water... gosh darn it. :)

Wow...a guy who buys Christmas presents in advance... you are starting to scare me Mike. :P

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