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Pizza Stories and Other Weekend Stuff

Well tonight was the last night of doing pizza 4 nights a week. For now it will only be 2 until I can drop it all together. Something I am very happy about since I'm pretty much burned out on a second job. I've done it since I separated from my ex 3 1/2 years ago and I'm burnt and could really use a vacation.

Anyway for a last full weekend there really weren't many nutty stories, but tips were good. Let me see what was juicy. Well I had to deliver 47 pizzas the other night. My car was packed full with them. The heat that 47 pizzas can make is pretty incredible. Condensation covered the inside of my car. I had windows open with front and rear defrosters going.

I delivered another pizza to an apartment and the guy opened the door looked at the number then looked at me. It's a scene you never want to see when your delivering. I made sure the address was correct and the person was someplace in the apartment. It wasn't a big place. Jeez don't people know what's going on.

The last story I have is of Pecker head. Pecker head lives in a million dollar plus house. The decorations on Pecker head's front door would pay for a nice dinner for me. Well after I give him change back and he gives me actual change back. I'm walking back to the car when I realize Pecker head just gave me a $1 tip. I felt like going back and knocking on his door and giving it back to him. I mean all the decorations must have put him back some and he probably needs the money more than me. Cheap Pecker head.

I finally got to see Bat Boy the musical today. It was really well done and the person playing Bat Boy did a superb job. If it does play by you I urge you to see it.

I was very happy that Spa girl has a dog. We were talking today, going over our weekend. I mentioned that Port girl moved out finally. She's slept here maybe 10 times in the last year if that much. Anyway Spa girl was all over that since she wants to move out of her place to something at the beach. I jumped on the dog issue like a drowning man on a life preserver. There was no way I wanted her living next to me and the dog thing seemed like the best way to go.

Last but not least Walmart had the Soprano seasons for $20 which was a humongous bargain so I picked up 2 of them for myself for Christmas. Yes they get wrapped and put under my little 1 foot tree. Hey when your by yourself these are the things you do.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

It never ceases to amaze me that the people with money can be some of the cheapest people out there. Whereas, people who don't really have a lot to spare, go out of their way to make sure they tip well, donate to charities, etc....

Of course, it's not ALL folks, but still. ;)

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